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Trail Work Schedules

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While hiking in spring you come across a spruce tree that has fallen across the trail. What is your reaction?

  • A. Blowdowns are a part of the hiking experience. I go around them.
  • B. Grumble that someone should do their job.
  • C. I contact the person responsible for the trail.
  • D. I remove the blowdown.

Find out the answer!

Trail and Boundary Work - Medawisla Lodge and Cabins

Date: Friday, October 6 - Monday, October 9

With hundreds of miles of property lines and trails, the AMC in Maine has lots of volunteer work opportunities. For this trip will be staying in a bunkhouse at the newly rebuilt Medawisla Lodge and Cabins.Come experience the new facilities and help get the nearby trails ready for all the guests who will be staying at this newest Maine Woods Initiative lodge.

ConservationActivity Categories: Conservation
Location: Bowdoin College Grant East
Region: Maine, Inland
Status: Full
Leader: Peter Roderick 207-293-2704 (before 9pm)
Registration is required for this activity.
Registrar: Peter Roderick 207-293-2704 (Before 9PM)
Trip Difficulty: Moderate-Strenuous