by: Paul Hahn, Chair, Maine Chapter MWI Committee

By now all Maine Chapter members should know about Medawisla. Just in case, Medawisla was a sporting camp purchased by the AMC in 2006 as part of the Club’s Maine Wilderness Initiative (MWI). The camp is located north of Greenville and eight miles from Kokadjo on Second Roach Pond. (Delorme Atlas Maps #41 and 42) The camp, after years of use by AMC, but unable to be refurbished economically and too small, was torn down in 2012. New lodge and cabin facilities are now nearing completion.

Some of the cabins will have self-serve kitchens, allowing guests to do their own cooking if they wish to save money and have greater use flexibility. This past fall, the Maine Chapter Ex-Com made a donation of $7,500 to the Medawisla project. The money will be used to build dock and boating facilities on Second Roach Pond. Any leftover monies will be used to enhance the self-serve cabin kitchens. This is a commitment by you, Maine Chapter members, of which you can be proud. Medawisla now has a planned opening in Summer 2017. Your Maine Chapter Ex-Com encourages you to be among the first to use the beautiful new AMC lodge and cabins.